Height: 162
City: Melbourne
I’ve only just had a chance to check out Evangeline’s supersized set and I have to add my Wow.
A very pretty woman — I love her pale and interesting complexion and the peaches and cream hints. not to mention her auburn hair and green eyes which were superbly captured in Abby’s portrait shots / face close-ups.
More to the point I was completely blown away by the intimate close-ups. From the visual evidence I would have to assume Evangeline found the whole experience very enjoyable. Given that Evangeline wasn’t ‘spreading’ or playing with herself, the explicitness of these close ups was all the more exciting. Added to the supersized photos meaning that every moist hair and drop of girl-juice was individually discernible, these have to now number among my favourite close-up shots — and pale beauty Evangeline to my favourite models (which I will concede is now quite a big eliteВ  ).



Is that…? Yes it is! Misha’s back for a long anticipated second solo shoot and she’s brought back her stunning looks, slim, toned body, amazing pert breasts, long legs and blonde hair.
She moves around the room, undressing herself and seductively moving her body to show it off in all its beauty. Enjoy



The gorgeous blonde, Dutch Nandine naked outside amongst nature. What more could you ask for? Walking in the rain and undressing her beautiful slim, toned body, large pert breasts and smooth shaved pussy.
Playing and flirting shyly with the camera Nandine’s fun and playful personality as she shows us just how naturally stunning she is.



Notices cartoon action figure in background. Makes unsubtle double-entendre playing on the name Woody
Beautiful woman and a great shoot, I am curious at to what caused her scars
I would guess the poor girl suffered a ruptured appendix. Scars just add character to a lovely body though. Hope to see more from Desy.


Nude House Painting

Flora and Lana paint the walls of a house, Lana’s flashing from under her ripped jeans. Being cheeky, Lana gets paint on her hands and wipes it off on Flora’s boxer shorts and round bum.
Flora turns around and kisses Lana, opening up her shirt and grabbing her pert breasts over her white top. Flora takes Lana’s top off and licks and sucks Lana’s pink nipples. Returning the favor, Lana plays with Flora’s full bush before she fingers her. Flora pushes Lana against the wall and licks her perfectly shaved pussy in the doggy position. The girls to lick, finger and scissor themselves to orgasm.